To women…

To women birthed from soils their mothers walked on. Clothed with extra layers of skin from the skirmish of women before them, Just so they could walk through the storm that drowned their grandmothers. From broken skeletons of women that fought battles they will never hear about, learn about or be proud of. From torn…

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Shade of the coast

Walk down this journey of words and feed your mind Sniff through the cologne of our old pages strengthen our roots And celebrate how far long we have sailed through the hands of time. See they say “heavy is the head that wears the crown” and once you look deeper, You’ll spot the cracks behind…

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When I was a child

I always ever wanted to be able to compete with the boys and each time I foot raced them I won every time at recess. Because of my muscular frame, they called me names and from the way I only ever wore soccer t-shirts and sweat pants. After names were implanted into my brain like…

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“I woke up late today, Still feeling the pains from yesterday” They look at me and say I should wear a smile, That I should be strong enough to walk a mile, That the pain will fade away in just a while That I should keep it inside every time. These are words from people…

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SOURCE; Unknown   Smile often my girl, they told her Don’t you ever let the tears win Lift your head up, baby girl Don’t let them see how much you’ve been hurt Wear your strength on your back Don’t let them see how deep you’ve been cut Wrap a bandage around that bleeding self esteem…


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Shattered choices and stained veils. Crossing paths of Islam, Women and Society.

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