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As fear takes over the castles of our souls,

uncertainty pumping out from our bleeding hearts,

possibilities residing in the nerves of our minds,

and this poisonous feeling “what if” residing in our veins,

“wrapped in lies and foolish truth”,

unshed tears hanging in our eyelids.

Roast the devil with that killer smile,

lift the glasses up lets toast to peace,

re-organize our common dreams,

get lost in the wonderland of thoughts, and reflect.

My child, I said reflect!

On the hungry, little soul from Syria,

the old, helpless woman from Afghanistan,

the regretful bother from Libya,

the victim of rape a sister from Indonesia.

The stories from the Middle East, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Liberia,

all the loud voices we numbed,

for we were too weak to help,

too busy and tired to listen,

them you will realize ;

division took its divine course ,

and they came for our smiling coast.

Came for 1.8 million….living beautiful souls;

of which its babies spent

9months in the womb of peace,

got its first bath from the water of smiles,

grew up in “sutura”,

nurtured “mboka”,

dived in “Ya Allah bahna”,

and preached the holy “nyo ko boka”.

On clarification my child,

this isn’t the fight of dictatorship vs democracy,

of corruption vs justice,

but the emancipation from our nurtured greed and lies,

failed promises and betrayal,

hypocrisy and denial,

this is the everyday fight.

“a child is only what surrounds him”,

hell no I’m not justifying the evil deeds of “Babili Mansa”,

but our society is like cancer,

creeping deep into our souls and destroying us the deadly venom,

making us bitter,

turning us against a brother,

then walking away like a stranger.

our time came and we decided,

unified our voices for a louder echo,

then regained our long gone lost voice,

then came fear again,

lost what was ours,

so we stood up to fight.

The Almighty showed us there is something else but the peace we’ve always lived.

That life is a killer disease,

placebo is greed,

and end product is shame.

Today is not the time to point fingers,

destroy a brother,

or violate a sister,


see this is the time to reflect and act.

Burn the soul of the little ones in hope,

shield the heart of the broken woman within your smile,

destroy the backstabbers and tell the brother to watch their back,

tap the shoulder of the neighbor and work together.

see no matter what happens my child,

rape the frown off of thy face.

Roast the devil with that killer smile,

lift the glasses up lets toast to peace,

re-organize our common dreams,

get lost in the wonderland of thoughts and reflect

cry frown but smilllleee


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  1. Splendid! I’m honestly moved by the lines and truth be told, this piece is the true reflection and picture of the smiling coast. Keep writing and continue inspiring. Soon we will reach the promised land In Shaa Allah. Kudos!!!


  2. And I shall always reflect. Wahh nga daiga my corrupt one.. keep writing, keep inspiring, your footsteps shall be followed . Ndaanan nga…. Hope to see you reach there


  3. Bilahi,I don’t see what more can be added on this piece..this is the bitter truth that we(Gambian) are hiding from each other and if attitudes are not change,I don’t see Gambia moving. You kill it Pam!


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