Take my hand,

Walk with me down the aisle of my heart,

Bow to the throne of my soul,

Gaze into my bitter-sweet eyes,

After the count of three, let’s say it again.

The very lines that stitched us together.

Bullets we shot at the expression “I”.

Trip to the land of love,

With my angel, sometimes over powered by the devil.

Cut my soul deep with yours,

And watch me bleed love.

Lose me in the wilderness of your breath,

Soothe my lips with yours.

Journey your comforting self down my veins,

Mein be my drug.

Baby, heal my pain,

Suck out my bitterness.

Cleanse my tainted heart.

And fill my emptiness.

I know love isn’t a bowl of rainbows and sugar,

And a smile can never replace a broken heart,

But with you, am willing to try.

To “fake it till we make it”,

And play the game “disguise”.

See I’ll be cliche enough to call you

“The sugar in my tea”

“The butter in my bread”

“The blood in my veins”

Hell yeah! I’ll write you a love note,

And drop it at your door step.

Slice me up with your machete of love,

Synchronize our souls

Bead our hearts together with the holy smile.

Spark the ecstasy of my heart,

Allow love-quake-

Disrupt our body,

For we are no longer in the land of the living,

Remember we took a trip to the land of love.

Spit holy love down my throat,

Paint me with the clouds of your eyes.

Shoot me up the sky,

Watch me breath,

Watch me produce the best love beat

With the strings of my veins.

After the unison of our heart beats,

Clench me in your fist.

Cease my release.

Let’s pull the trigger.

Let the bullets terrorize our souls,

From above the stars of love,

We can watch hate grieve our death.

As we write our script

And watch our love story unfold:

Imperfection, pain, heartbreak, tears, tolerance, submission and death,

Take my hand. 

Walk with me down the aisle of my heart.

Bow to the throne of my soul.

Gaze into my bitter-sweet eyes.

After the count of three, let’s say it again.

“I take you as my beloved partner,

Through sickness and in health,

Through poverty and in wealth,

Through the shady and in beautiful moments,

Till death do us part”.



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  1. Just can’t get enough of you. You are amazing like I always say (little body big brains) I love your imaginations and character. Keep it up insha Allah we going to the gram’s girl me and you lol


  2. your sooooo great dear u always find a way to put a smile on my face my angel I can’t get enough of this poem u are truly amazing n absolutely great I can’t find any word to describe how happy I am…. keep up the marvelous work dear

    Liked by 1 person

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