See, we are of the lost nation

Puppets to the western forces

We shout my yes sir boss to our leaders

Blind followers of the twisted so-called peace

Even after we’ve been broken into countless pieces.
See, this piece was not meant to carry so much hate and pain

But love can’t shine where bitterness and sorrow are buried.

It’s funny how Africa’s problem are always linked to colonialism, education, poverty, you name it Yet, never our own leaders, our brothers.

Who slice right through our spirits with our votes

Keep us in shackles of fake liberation

Our voices muted unless in praise of them

Or deal with the consequences

Get thrown behind bars to just listen and obey.
Have you ever questioned how the richest continent on planet earth is the poorest?

An irony, right?

Let me tell you about the brothers still clinging onto thrones

Who win us over with words spit out from their tainted tongues

Just to strip us naked, pierce into our skins with their sharp claws

and shamelessly hand us over to the white man.

Then pretend to rescue us just to get us arrested again

Before we can even breathe of our freedom.

I speak of these leaders who treat power as their personal investment

Live off of our taxes, hardly doing as taxed to

These leaders who planted inside us the zygote of inferiority.
Kenya has a story to tell

20% of her children die before the age of five,

The 80% who manage to survive have their own burden to bear

Malnutrition, poor health, little education

While the son of the president lives a life of luxury

Shouldered by the broken backs of the poor citizen

But, they dare not say a word

It could be the last they utter.
Angola has her story, too

A government turned into a family enterprise

The richest citizen borne from the loins of the first citizen

While millions scramble for scraps

Barely making it past each day.
The Gambia has her story too

A coast trying to get back her smile

Her people made history

Kicked out a dictator through the ballot

Ushered in a new era

But what’s really new, I ask?

An amplification of tribal differences

Refrains of misunderstood democracy.

A government that we hardly see and hear from

With flimsy attempts at soothing our open wounds with promises

Only to stab just right through the back

Again, what’s really new here

The constant reminders that they saved us

We’d better be grateful and bow to them

Thank them for liberating us

Forgetting we liberated ourselves

Again, through the ballot.
The storyline is similar for our sister nations,

They watch their leaders reap their natural resources

Beautify their own lives

With the flashy fabrics of corruption

Just to come back to the people and paint castles for them in the skies.
Africa had great leaders,

Liberated minds and achievers.

I speak of Mandela, Nkurumah, Nyerere, Sankara

Who sowed seeds we still reap

Gave birth to the likes of Johnson Sirleaf, Magufuli and Kassim Majaliwa

Who continue to wipe our tears and numb our wounds
See this is more than a fight between dictators and democrats

The just and the corrupt

This is about our freedom

Emancipation from the nurtured greed and lies

Failed promises and betrayal

Hypocrisy and denial

This is the everyday fight
So here is a call back home to the leaders,

Please pick this one call,

Do not send it to voicemail

We are tired of “hello, this is African leaders please leave a message”.

Or “the number you’re calling is currently busy. Please try again later”

We do not even have enough credit to make this call

So we do not intend to take too much of your time.

Your people have their knees bruised from all the crawling

We deserve way more.
Unlock the shackles and set us free

Shed the corruption and let us all enjoy equality

Liberate our Africa from your evil deeds and the influence of the white man

Tackle not your personal problems, but the nation’s flaws

Make Africa great again.

Fight the external forces and breed democracy

Be the servants you ought to be

And pick the damn call.


SOURCE: https://africaupdates.info/if-you-had-the-chance-to-bring-three-of-these-late-african-leaders-back-to-life-who-will-you-pick/


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  1. “A coast trying to the get her own smile”…So sad that we still looking forward to the smile we all yarn for especially the youth folk.
    Janha bi nice, keep them coming.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s a privilege knowing you. Amazing piece with a strong message for a wounded country and continent. Keep inspiring, keep writing for they can contribute to cleansing of hearts and minds. BRAVO


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