The clouds parted and gave way to the sunlight,

The dust settled after the battle,

Windows opened and gave way to the breath of freedom.

Giants got burnt to ashes,

Blood stains gave birth to our wings,

And so we became more than just caged birds.

Bullets were sent right through the core of oppression and white dominance.

Hate for our skins and violence.

Lines were drawn to the end of the roller coaster ride.

Just then, independence came to our homes,

Blinded us all with her glittering white teeth.

Her shine lit up our darkest souls. Sucked out our bitterness.

Filled our emptiness.

Just then, she sipped our sorrow,

Cleansed our tainted hearts with her beauty.

Mein she came to us,

She saved us!

But see, the journey wasn’t one of rainbows and sugar,

Not even of smile and laughter.

But of betrayal and confusion.

Diversity and torture.

Lies and never ending battles.

Of blood stains and fallen heroes.

God! it was one hell of a ride.

But see, the ancestors had their seat belts tightened,

And drove us back home.

Back home to “quite days and loving nights”,

Ended the hate and the war.

Back home to kindness and unity,

Crushed the guns and the ships.

Back home to the motherland.

Ripped the blindfolds tied around our hearts,

And made us see beauty in us and appreciate it with our souls.

To not have to sleep with one eye open,

Or risk a drag out bed and a beat down to death.

To not have to get fooled by the mirrors,

While they steal our riches.

To not have to walk around with blood stains,

Watch over our backs while we mourn the latest victim.

To not have to be ruled by unfamiliar caved faces.

Of hidden truth and beautified lies.

See even though freedom crawled her way to us,

Got to us with broken knuckles and bruised knees,

We opened our arms and celebrated her arrival.

Kissed the dirt of her clothes.

Built her a castle in our midst,

And bowed to her throne.

Presented to her our fallen heroes,

Who cleared the grasses, picked up the stones and paved the way for her arrival.

So dear world,

Allow me send respect and tribute to my giants

Amilcar cabral, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame nkurumah -the big six, Jomo Kenyatta, Thomas peters, nelson mandela, Edward francis small, nyerere

You name them,

The souls that got laid for the rise of the numbers.

18th February 1965, smiling coast-The Gambia

6th March 1957, gold coast- Ghana

4th April 1960 Dakar- Senegal

26th June 1960, Madagascar.

See, we can go on and on to list figures that speak volumes,

The password to my generation’s freedom.

So, you can call me caged,

The dependent nation,

That embodies the mentally colonized minds.

You can even call me the crawling continent.

But when the clouds parted and gave way to the sunlight,

My Africa beamed with pride and became free at last.

source : fineartamerica


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