“I woke up late today,

Still feeling the pains from yesterday”

They look at me and say I should wear a smile,

That I should be strong enough to walk a mile,

That the pain will fade away in just a while

That I should keep it inside every time.

These are words from people who remind me of my past.

Telling me it will hurt but it won’t last,

They make me feel like an…out outcast.

How can I smile when all my teeth are broken,

Walk miles when my legs are shaking,

Keep it inside when my heart is weakened.

When my emotions are stifled.

My anger fighting to be released.

The discrimination….segregation…stigmatization

All taking a toll on me.

My body, broken.

Evil emotions, awoken.

But I’m told they are not to be spoken.

Raped at fifteen,

Gave birth at sixteen,

Married of at seventeen.

Violated and hurting through my teens,

Yet they still tell me I will succeed.

After eating all my insides.

I’m told what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger,

I just have to hold on a little longer.

But they forgot what doesn’t heal is same as murder.

That I’m still human

And above all female.

My pride and dignity stolen.

Rights violated.

Still they tell me I have to hold on

You said I’m an angel but never built me paradise.

That I’m a star but I have got no place in the sky.

That I’m perfect but still get judged in courts.

That I’m human, only – less than a man, coz I’m woman.

You call me your angel, your star, your perfection, your woman but still use me like a rag.

Violate my body.

Hit me and hurt me,

Then ask me to never put up a fight.

I obey!!!

But these emotions I’ll let out.

I’m not your rag.

Not your punching bag.

I wasn’t created to lag.

I’m a woman and I deserve:

Love, respect, protection, inclusion, celebration,elevation and honor.

I’m a girl and I AIN’T NO LESS!!!


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